Little Fox in Paris

This is a short documentary film about me and two foxes that I made from salami.
I took my salami foxes outside at night in London to film.
I had a fantasy, I imagined if we meet foxes, my salami foxes would become real.












"Little Fox in London" 
2017, movie, in London, 05'44''

Waling with Meat

31, Aug, 2017, I walked with 14.4kg meat in London.
We can see people's reactions in this movie.
This is a metaphor of my life.













"Walking with Meat"
2017, movie, in London, 05'00''






Mariko Matsushita




1980年 日本の大阪府吹田に生まれる。



2004年 京都市立芸術大学美術学部油画専攻を卒業。






2020年 スヴェトラーナ・アレクシエーヴィチに影響を受けた「愛の飾らぬ言葉において」、2021年J.M.クッツェーの著書から名付けた《Friday》を含む「人間の声」を発表し、重要な転換期を迎える。


Mariko Matsushita
Born in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, in 1980.
Mariko Matsushita began writing numerous poems as her first form of expression in early childhood, to cope with and comprehend sexual violence.
She decided to pursue art, seeking to explore truth and an “external faucet”.
In 2004, she graduated with a degree in oil painting from the Kyoto City University of Arts. 
While working at a factory, she resumed painting. Her body of work including Margarita 7 won the Grand Prix at the 2nd CAFFA 2016 (Contemporary Art Foundation Artist Award).
The next year, during the residency at the Delfina Foundation in London, she interacted with female artists from India, Peru, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and so forth. She later visited Auschwitz and the Red House in the Philippines among others, where she produced paintings.
In 2020, she publicized In the Honest Word of Love, inspired by Svetlana Alexievich, and in 2021, The Human Voice, including Friday, named after J.M. Coetzee’s book, making an important turning point.