Little Fox in Paris

This is a short documentary film about me and two foxes that I made from salami.
I took my salami foxes outside at night in London to film.
I had a fantasy, I imagined if we meet foxes, my salami foxes would become real.












"Little Fox in London" 
2017, movie, in London, 05'44''

Waling with Meat

31, Aug, 2017, I walked with 14.4kg meat in London.
We can see people's reactions in this movie.
This is a metaphor of my life.













"Walking with Meat"
2017, movie, in London, 05'00''






Mariko Matsushita


Matsushita obtained a B.F.A in oil painting from Kyoto City University of the Arts in 2004. Lives in Tokyo.


She confronts with human “Sex” and “Death”. Primarily paintings, her works has a touch of eshy carnal existence and a unique sense of colors.
Matsushita received Grand Prize for "2nd CAFAA" Award in 2016, organized by the Contemporary Art Foundation.