Little Fox in Paris

This is a short documentary film about me and two foxes that I made from salami.
I took my salami foxes outside at night in London to film.
I had a fantasy, I imagined if we meet foxes, my salami foxes would become real.












"Little Fox in London" 
2017, movie, in London, 05'44''

Waling with Meat

31, Aug, 2017, I walked with 14.4kg meat in London.
We can see people's reactions in this movie.
This is a metaphor of my life.













"Walking with Meat"
2017, movie, in London, 05'00''






Mariko Matsushita


Matsushita obtained a B.F.A in oil painting from Kyoto City University of the Arts in 2004. Lives in Tokyo.
Her solo show has been held twice at our gallery, “MARIKO” in October 2015 and “IDO” in October 2016.


She confronts with human “Sex” and “Death” . Primarily paintings, her works has a touch of eshy carnal existence and a unique sense of colors.
Matsushita received Grand Prize for "2nd CAFAA" Award in 2016, organized by the Contemporary Art Foundation.